Dr Jun (Oliver) Zhang


After completing his PhD studies, Oliver has continued his research career by joining The Business School of Edinburgh Napier University in 2021, where he his Lecturer in Urban Innovation. He gained his PhD in Information Systems from University of Sheffield Information School. 

Oliver’s research interests range from information systems, over urban geography to urban studies, where topics such as managing socio-technical systems, smart city/urbanism governance, citizen participation in urban innovation, (critical) urban theory, governmentality, and neoliberal urbanisation can specifically be highlighted. 

Oliver has published his work in top academic journals, such as Urban Studies, IEEE Internet of Things, Industrial Marketing Management, and Information Systems Frontiers. 

Prior to joining academia, Oliver had worked as a cartographer in the Chinese mapping and surveying industry on Smart City and Digital Town projects. This background contributes to the development of his research profile that is dedicated to leveraging technology and innovation to unravel the urban through the prism of digital geography.  


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Edinburgh Napier University, The Business School, 219 Colinton Road, EH14 1DJ Edinburgh, Scotland, UK